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Nikki Witt


Nikki Witt, the assistant director at Dynamic Dance Company, shares a profound connection with dance that stretches back to her childhood in Waunakee. Growing up alongside her cousin Cole, the founder of DDC, Nikki nurtured a dream of one day running a dance studio together. Dancing since the tender age of 3, Nikki's passion for the art form knows no bounds. But her love for movement extends beyond dance, as she boasts a background in gymnastics and cheer, having been part of all three varsity high school teams and earning a spot on the prestigious UCA All American Cheer team. Her dedication to the craft led her to compete on a travel team across different states, enriching her experience with various styles of dance.


Presently residing in McFarland with her husband and three beautiful children, Nikki leads a dual life as a 4K teacher at an early learning center in Madison. Although dance holds a special place in her heart, her ultimate goal is to create a safe, loving, and friendly environment at Dynamic Dance Company, where every dancer can experience fun and joy.


To Nikki, dance transcends the limitations of spoken language. In her classes, she aspires to empower her dancers, making them feel invincible and fearless. But above all, her utmost priority is instilling confidence in her students, helping them embrace their unique selves.

Nikki's dedication to fostering a positive and nurturing atmosphere for her dancers reflects her unwavering commitment to the art of movement. With her guiding spirit, aspiring dancers at Dynamic Dance Company are destined to flourish and discover the beauty of dance as a powerful form of expression and self-discovery.


Nikki Witt
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