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Cole Ripp


Cole Ripp, the visionary behind Dynamic Dance Company, is a young and driven individual who graduated from Waunakee in 2018, currently at the age of twenty-two. After completing his high school journey, Cole embarked on a path of nurturing young minds as an assistant teacher at an early child care center in Waunakee. Over the past two years, he has taken on the role of a lead teacher, dedicating himself to fostering a nurturing learning environment for the little ones.


In addition to his work in child care, Cole has demonstrated his passion for dance by investing a decade of his life into the art form. At the age of ten, he commenced his training at Spotlight Dance Academy, where he discovered that dance resonated deeply with his soul. Embracing the opportunity to compete in lyrical, jazz, and hip-hop routines as part of the academy's competition team for four years, Cole thrived on the thrill of traveling around the country for dance competitions. This exposure to diverse dance styles from different regions broadened his horizons at a tender age.


During his high school years, Cole auditioned for and secured a spot on the Waunakee High School Varsity Dance Team, an experience that brought immense joy to his heart. Throughout his four years on the team, he achieved numerous milestones, being voted as the most valuable dancer for two consecutive years, serving as captain in his junior and senior years, and earning the prestigious all-state title in his senior year.


Despite a fulfilling high school dance team experience, Cole's passion for dance was far from satiated. Fuelled by determination and hard work, he and Madi Smith took a leap of faith and initiated the Waunakee Middle School Dance Team through the Waunakee School District. This courageous step eventually led them to take up the roles of Varsity Dance Team coaches. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Cole and Madi's relentless efforts resulted in the team achieving the title of regional champions.


Cole feels deeply honored to be surrounded by so many talented dancers and to be an integral part of Waunakee's Dance Program. As an instructor, his goal is to equip his dancers with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the dance world beyond high school. He aims to create an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere at Dynamic Dance Company, encouraging every member to flourish and reach their full potential as dancers.


As he looks ahead, Cole is eager to continue working with his dedicated company members and welcomes new recreational teams to join the journey. With boundless excitement, he eagerly awaits the start of another fantastic dance season, where he can continue to nurture the love for dance and witness the growth of each dancer at Dynamic Dance Company.


Cole Ripp
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