Studio Owner/Director:


Cole Ripp is the Owner / Director of Dynamic Dance Company LLC, as well as, the instructor / choreographer for their Senior Elite Team


Cole Ripp, founder of Dynamic Dance Company, graduated from Waunakee in 2018 and is currently 20 years old. Cole spent his first year out of school working full time as an assistant teacher at an early child care center here in Waunakee. Throughout this upcoming year, Cole plans to work full time during the day as a lead preschool teacher. Cole has also spent the past year working to get the Waunakee Middle School Dance Team started and he can not wait to be one of the head coaches this year. 

Cole has been dancing for 10 years and started his training at Spotlight Dance Academy at the age of 10. Right then, he instantly found that dance was his passion. During his training at SDA, he was on the competition team for four years and competed with lyrical, jazz, and hip hop routines. Cole loved traveling around the country for competitions and being able to have the opportunity to see all sorts of dance from different area's at such a young age. Starting his freshman year of high school Cole auditioned for the Waunakee High School Varsity Dance Team and made it! He loved it so much that he stuck with it all four years of high school. Cole believes he had a fulfilled dance team experience with making many accomplishments; such as, being voted most valuable dancer for two years, being voted captain his junior and senior year, and making all state his senior year. Even though he had a fulfilling dance team experience, he just wasn't ready to be done. With his hard work and determination, he started up a Waunakee Middle School Dance Team through the Waunakee School District. Cole feels honored to have the opportunity to continue being apart of Waunakee's dance program.  

As you can tell, dance was a huge part of Coles life and after he graduated he knew he couldn't be done just yet. Cole has worked very hard to get to where he is right now with starting up the Waunakee Middle School Dance Team, as well as, opening up his very own dance company at the age of 19. His goal as an instructor and for his Senior Elite Team is to help prepare his five very talented dancers for what is next to come in the dance world after high school. He hopes every member enjoys their time here at Dynamic Dance Company, and grows to be the best dancer they can be. Cole is very excited to continue working with his company members, and can not wait for another great dance season this year.

Faith Nerat is a phenomenal dancer, as well as choreographer. Faith will be helping owner, Cole Ripp, over her college winter break with choreographing our Senior Elite Teams contemporary routine for the 2019-2020 competition season.



Madison Smith is not only life long best friends to company owner Cole Ripp, but is also a head coach for the Waunakee Middle School Dance Team with him. Madison, also known as Madi, has been helping Cole throughout this season with some of the Senior Elite girls with choreography on their competition solos.



Nicole Witt, cousin of Cole Ripp, has been dancing with Cole ever since they were little kids. Not only did they have duets at their studio but they would even make up dances to perform at every family event. Nicole, also known as Nikki, has recently gotten married and is expecting a baby girl in late March. Nikki misses dance a great amount, so this year she has been working with Cole to choreograph a very sassy jazz trio with a few of our Senior Elite Team members.


Master classes are mandatory for our Senior Elite Team. We feel dancers really progress when they are working with all different types of choreographers. If you are not apart of our elite team and you are between the ages of 13-19 years old, feel free to reach out to company owner, Cole Ripp, to see if you can set up an audition to be apart of our email list to be invited to any master classes held at Dynamic Dance Company. There are only 5 spots left for spring of 2020!

Below is our line up (along with a short bio) of the dancers/choreographers that we are and/or have came to visit Dynamic Dance Company's Elite Team. Many of these choreographers listed plan to visit again in years to come. This is why we keep all of our guest dancer/choreographers bio's posted after they have come to work with our dancers.

Karrie Larson

Date: Thursday, September 26th

About~ Karrie Larson grew up here in Waunakee, and she then moved to Minnesota after graduating. In MN, Karrie was a member of the NBA Timberwolves Dance Team. After college, Karrie moved out to California to pursue her dance career. Karrie is now a Program Manager for Simmawear & Simmadance, which is a program to train dancers and prepare them for NBA and NFL Dance Teams.

After Class~ When Karrie came to our Senior Elite Teams practice, she left them with a ton of wise tips for dance after high school. Karrie worked with the girls on getting out of their shell, and really owning/feeling confident with new choreography. The jazz funk combo she taught was absolute fire and the girls loved it. We most definitely plan to invite Karrie back for some more of her very helpful classes.

Tyler Kerbel

Date: Tuesday, December 17th @7:00-8:30pm

About~ Tyler Kerbel was born in Janesville, Wisconsin where here began his training at local studios. Starting off doing hip hop and clogging, he eventually ventured out into training in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. Beginning at the age of 15, he started teaching and choreographing for multiple studios in the area. After graduating from high school, he attended Point Park University where he is set to graduate in the spring of 2020 with a BFA in Dance with a concentration in modern. While at Point Park, Tyler has had the opportunity to perform works by many great choreographers such as Azsure Barton, Jae Man Joo, Darrell Moultrie, and Jennifer Archibald. Tyler also has attended Springboard Danse Montréal, Alonzo King LINES, and NW Dance Project's LAUNCH where he performed works by Ohad Naharin, Joseph Hernandez, Mark Caserta, and Kaloyan Boyadijev. Additionally, Tyler has worked professionally with Wisconsin based contemporary companies, multiple industrials, and RWS Entertainment Group.

Anna Mischio

Date: Friday, December 27th @10:30-12:00pm

About~ Anna Mischio is currently 20 years old and is a professional dancer in LA. Anna’s dance career has come a very long way from where she started. Anna is originally from the Madison area and this is where she started dancing at a young age. When she was in middle school, she joined a small company in Madison called Raw Inspirations Dance Company. In the early years of high school, Anna moved to Chicago so she could be exposed to more jobs and choreographers to get closer to her dream of being a professional. After about two years in Chicago she then moved to Los Angeles. In LA, Anna has accomplished so much! From being in a number of music videos, like Press by Cardi B, to even dancing back up in some live performances and/or concerts. Along with the jobs that she has been recently booking, Anna still finds it very important to still be training and improving. You can find videos of Anna from big studios in LA like, Millennium and The Playground.

Mel Johnson

Date: Tuesday, February 25th

About~ Mel Johnson, is a Fitness Instructor and Health Coach to many in the Madison / Waunakee Area. Mel is a mama of two spicy girls, executive marketer turned to fitness coach. Mel loves to find the fire in people and light it up through unique and fun workouts. She works hard to help people find the joy in fitness so that it becomes a lifestyle, finding results through consistency. 

Mel is also very passionate about nutrition education and how food influences our bodies. Here at DDC, we plan to have Mel come in to work with our elite team the spring - summer seasons of 2020. You are more than welcome to reach out and come attend one of our classes with her, or you can sign up for virtual coaching with her. Find motivation, recipes, and daily life on Mel Johnson’s Instagram: @meljohnsonsfitlife

Megan Jensen

& Jed 

Date: Thursday, February  20th

About Megan~ Megan Jensen is another dancer that grew up in Waunakee. Megan has been dancing since the age of 3 years old. In high school, Megan was a captain of the Varsity Dance Team along with DDC's owner Cole Ripp. Megan was on the team all throughout high school and knew she had to stick with dancing once she graduated. Megan attends the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she is studying to become a teacher. At college, Megan joined Hype Dance Team, where she met Jed. During her first year, Megan had also joined an all girls dance club called Crush. Megan is now currently only apart of Crush and she enjoys competing with them!

About Jed- Jed started dancing at the age of 17, when he joined his high school's varsity dance team his junior year. Jed attended Wauwatosa West High School and graduated in 2014. While being on his high school team, they won regional champs back-to-back, and were semi-finalist at UDA Nationals his senior year. After high school, Jed continued his dance training through joining the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Hype Dance Team. Jed has now been apart of Hype for 6 years now. Jed is now one of the lead choreographers for hype. Jed has done many other things from performing at half time for the Bucks to just teaching classes all over the Milwaukee area.

Alyssa Puccio

Date: Tuesday, January 14th @7:00-8:30pm

About~ Alyssa Puccio grew up in Cottage Grove, WI and started her dance training at the age of three. She began at Dance Studio 3-D where she trained in the styles of tap, jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop, and musical theater. Alyssa came to Midwest Performing Arts in 2016 where she continued her training and became part of the Youth Performance Group, traveled, and performed all over the Midwest.

Alyssa was a member of the Monona Grove Dance Team for four years and was captain her senior year.  She choreographed jazz competition routines which were selected and performed at the state and national level. In addition, she choreographed pom competition routines for the Cambridge Varsity Dance Team. Alyssa attended Chicago National Association of Dance Masters for five years learning from critically acclaimed professional dancers and teachers where she gained extensive knowledge in dance. She is currently continuing her education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Dance and a Health Promotion & Wellness. She has studied under Pamela Ludke; descendant of Mary Anthony, Joan Karlen, Michael Estanich, and Jeannie Hill as well as performing in Afterimages and Danstage. Alyssa has had the opportunity to work with Martin Ortiz, Aysha Upchurch, Ryan Galloway, Robert McKee, AJ Juarez, Jeremy Plummer, and many more. She is also an executive board member of the National Dance Education Organization Student Chapter where she spreads the importance of dance education and research around campus and at the NDEO Conference in Colorado this year. Alyssa is looking forward to working with Dynamic Dance Company and to share her love and passion for dance.

Lauren Smith

Olivia DePagter

Date: Saturday, December 21st

About~ Olivia DePagter, also known as Liv, is a dancer/choreographer who grew up in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Liv started dancing at a young age and fell in love instantly. She trained at one of the most well known studios in Wisconsin, Dollhouse Dance Factory. Dollhouse is a studio that is very well known for their killer hip hop routines. Hip hop is what Liv was mostly trained with, and it is what she is known for. During her time with Dollhouse, Liv accomplished so much; winning first place at multiple studio dance competitions.

Liv was also apart of the Sheboygan High Schools Varsity Dance Team for 3 years. During her time on dance team, the team won state two years in a row.

Liv is currently a full time student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. To this day, Liv is always looking for an opportunity to dance, as it was and still is, a huge passion of hers.

Holley Foster

Date: Once a Month

About~ Holley Foster is one of the best tumbling coaches in the Madison area! When Holley was growing up, she was really into competitive cheer. Holley is now the owner of 360 Athletic, as well as one of the coaches for the Waunakee High School Varsity Cheer Team. Holley started coaching cheer back in 2004. Holley also loves to coach tumbling classes in her gym, 360 Athletics, in Middleton. 

After Class~ Here at Dynamic, our elite team dancers try to make it out to Holley's gym at least once a month for a tumbling private. The girls love how much she believes in them and pushes them. During our sessions, Holley gives our dancers great feedback on current skills, along with giving them all sorts of different progressions for them to be practicing so that they master the skills they need to be apart of our company.

Courtney Kay Briggs

Date: Summer of 2020

About~ Courtney Briggs' journey with dance began at a young age having deep and a clear view of her future plans within the art of dance. She trained under a variety of instructors in Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.She was a member of Resilience, a pre-professional dance company under the direction of Joey Hernandez. She Trained extensively in a variety of styles of dance and learned the business side of the industry. Courtney also found a love for choreographing and seeing her work performed by other dancers, not just herself. Upon high school graduation, she became a dance instructor in the Madison area.

In Courtney's view, teaching and choreographing are art forms that require passion, guidance and an openness in order to get desired results. She continues to train and expand her talent as a performer, teacher and choreographer so she can guid and support her own dancers and promote her love for dance through all the work she does.

Date: Weekend in Spring of 2020

About~ Lauren Smith grew up in Middleton, Wisconsin. Lauren is now 21 years old and lives in Minnesota where she is now an NFL Cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings. From early on, Lauren knew dance was her passion. She started off with studio dance as a child and then tried out for her high school’s varsity dance team. During her time on dance team, Lauren was the teams captain during her junior and senior year. Lauren also made All State dance her junior and senior year as well. After graduating high school in 2016, Lauren started her freshman year at the University of Minnesota. During her freshman and sophomore year of college she was a member of the NBA Timberwolves Dance Team. Lauren then tried out to be a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and she made it. This is year was Lauren's second year on the team. Lauren loves working as a performer and she really enjoys when she gets to share her experience and tips for young dancers that are as motivated and passionate as she is to be a professional performer.

Caryn Mueller

Date: Tuesday, January 7th @7:00-8:30pm


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