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Rylie Stacey
2nd year: 7yrs old

Thanks for submitting!

My name is Paige Ryan. I am 18 years old and have been dancing since I was five. I am currently a senior at Waunakee High School and I am the captain of their Varsity Dance Team for this season. I have been dancing with Dynamic Dance Company for two years now. For this upcoming season, I am most excited for my jazz trio with other Dynamic members, Rachel Meylor and Stella Young. I enjoy dancing for Dynamic because I get to do what I love the most with the people I love the most.

When I'm not dancing, I like to spend time shopping, taking pictures, and hanging out with my friends and family. Next fall, I hope to attend college at Charleston in South Carolina while majoring in business. I also hope to find a dance program in Charleston so that I am able to keep advancing my dance skills.

If you are a dancer who already knows that you want to be a member of our Senior Elite Team, please fill out the information below!


Congrats! You're Info has been submitted to studio owner, Cole Ripp.

Wesley Murphy
3rd year: Junior

My name is Rachel Meylor. I am 16 years old, a junior at Waunakee High School, and this will be my third year dancing with Dynamic Dance Company. I have been dancing since I was 8 years old and am experienced in everything from pointe to hip hop! I personally love to perform a sassy jazz or hip hop routine. I love dancing at Dynamic Dance because it is a space I get to do what I love with some of my best friends. I also love that I get to be creative and help out in the studio often.

Dance has been a huge part of my life for a very long time. I feel that I am so lucky to have found a studio to dance at, that is such an amazing place, with such amazing people who are constantly pushing me to be the best that I can be. I am really looking forward to my upcoming dance season with Dynamic.

If you have successfully submitted all of your information above, you will be contacted by our studio's owner (Cole Ripp) to set up a free private and/or audition.
Please keep in mind, you most definitely can set up your audition even if it is the beginning or middle of your current dance season. If studio owner see potential, then you may be added to our invite list for to any master classes that are hosted for our Senior Elite Team members for the rest of that dance season.
If that is the case, you will then be evaluated on your growth by the end of the dance season, where you will then find out if we would like you to join this team.
CeCe Lindblom, 17
1st year: Senior

Hello, my name is CeCe Lindblom. I am one of the two seniors that is a company member at Dynamic Dance Company for the 2019-2020 season. This is my first year dancing at Dynamic Dance. I started dancing at the age of 3 years old and fell in love with it right away. I have done studio dance for 13 years and competed for 4 of those years. I have also been a member of my high schools Varsity Dance Team since my freshman year at Middleton High School. This year will be my 4th year competing with this team with pom, hip hop, and jazz routines as well as small groups and my all-state solo. 

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. This season at Dynamic, I have been, and will be, working extra hard so I can make a collegiate dance team next year. I chose to come to Dynamic because I know I will get pushed and receive all the proper training that I will need in order to make my dance goals come to life so that I am able to continue dancing even after I graduate high school this spring. I am really looking forward to my last competitive studio dance season this year with Dynamic Dance Company.

Stella Young, 15
1st year: Sophomore

My name is Stella Young. I am currently 15 years old and am a sophomore at Waunakee. I have been dancing since the age of 6 and this is my first year dancing with Dynamic Dance Company. When I first started dancing I only began with hip hop, but since then I have expanded my interest into training with all sorts of different dance genres. I started dancing competitively at the age of 8 and have been ever since then. As I've already said, I've practice all styles of dance but I have currently continued to compete with only hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet. If I had to pick which genre of dance would be my favorite, I would have to say it would be contemporary because it is so diverse and you can stylize your movements in many ways.

Most of my biggest accomplishments for dance probably all happened during this past year. My team and I placed first at Midwest Starz Dance Competition's regionals and nationals and we also placed first at Groove Dance Competition and Convention's regionals in Milwaukee. Outside of the studio, I dance on the Waunakee Varsity Dance Team competing in pom and hip hop as well as an all-state solo. I am very excited to see where this season takes me with all of my dance commitments. 

Alexis Frazer, 13
1st year: 8th Grade

Hi, I'm Alexis Frazer and I have been dancing for 10 years now. I am 13 years old and I am one of the captains of the Waunakee Middle School Dance Team. I enjoy doing all genres of dance but my favorites are contemporary and lyrical.

Being the youngest member on this team did make me very hesitant to join at first, but the reason I decided to audition for Dynamic Dance Company's Senior Elite Team is because I needed to find a small dance company that was closer to home. It didn't take me too much time looking because I instantly fell in  love with the way DDC, trains and portray's their company. During this next dance season, not only do I hope to improve on my dancing all all round, but I mainly want to focus on improving on my turns, tumbling, and learning how to have more emotion when I perform. This year at Dynamic, I am most excited / looking forward to, attending competitions. Especially our nationals in Las Vegas!

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